Friday, April 11, 2008

Boy this job is FUN!

Well it had to happen. I finally did a deal that was just an absolute BLAST. I have always really enjoyed this job. Selling property is really one of the most creative jobs I have done in my different careers and I started in Advertising! I enjoy the people, the product itself and the negotiations. What we do is not brain surgery, but there are a lot of details to worry about and also a lot of emotion involved.

Recently I went to contract on a home here in the islands and really had a great time in the negotiations. Why was this deal different then the others? Well, I thought about this and came to these conclusions.
  1. My Seller was prepared as to the reality of the market. They knew what to expect for offers coming in based on current market data and offer trends. With this knowledge we priced the home accordingly.
  2. The Buyers Agent was professional with an educated Buyer who also knew the current market data and what to expect in placing an offer.
  3. With this knowledge we were able to keep the emotion out of it.
  4. Both the Buyers Agent and the Sellers Agent went in with the attitude truth and integrity.

All of these factors really turned the negotiations into something that was fun and easy to deal with. Nobody was out to screw anybody else, or misrepresent, or try to smash the other guy. I was out to sell my customers home and the Buyer was out to buy it. This whole deal was about getting the best for each of our customers and following through with the little details. We were flexible. The negations took place over Easter Weekend, when we all had lots of guests as well as customers in town and the Buyer was from overseas which can always be a challenge.

It is said that the difference between an adventure and an ordeal is the attitude. We used these challenges as an opportunity for adventure and I made a friend and trusted college in the mean time.

Let's do this again. I love the adventure!

Warmest Regards,
Rosemary T. Langkawel
Engel & Voelkers LLC Naples, FL