Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Truth About Naples, FL Real Estate

It is interesting to me to listen to the many people who visit our beautiful city. As soon as everybody finds out that I sell Real Estate, they ask me, "how bad I am doing?". Or, "how bad is the market really?" Like I have some sort of secrete.

Well, DARN, some one forgot to tell me that the market is slow. In fact, I am having a great year. When I say this to all of the neigh sayer's, they don't believe me.


This blog is being put together so that I can put out to the world, what is really happening in Naples/Marco Island Real Estate. I am open to questions and discussions and am prepared to back up everything I say with statistics.


I am a Top Realtor in Naples Florida. Engel & Voelkers LLC. Florida USA. Holds my Florida Real Estate Licence. Engel & Voelkers is the largest seller of Luxury Real Estate outside of the United States. We are just opening our retail space on 5th Ave South in Naples and looking forward to a spectacular season. I know the season will be specular because, showings on my listings are up over 25% over last year and the international referrals are coming in through our global web site. In my three years in the real estate business, I have been in the top 10% of overall Agents every year. I am now the top Agent at Engels & Voelkers.

Prior to joining the Real Estate Industry, I spent almost 20 years in Global, National and Regional Marketing for companies like, AT&T,, Kraft General Foods and numerous small Marketing Agencies both domestically and abroad. Marketing and sales has always been my passion. But, I learned early on that you can not correctly market anything unless you know the market. My first day in the Real Estate industry, i put in an 18 hour day. I did a Competitive Market Analysis on the homes of everyone I new or might have known int he area so that I had a better understanding of the market. I still do this on a regular basis with listing in my farm areas or in communities that I think my buyers might be interested in. This type of behavior, give me an edge.


I will get my information for this Blog directly from the MLS Statistics both Naples and Marco Island, National Association of Realtors, National Publications and on the ground research. Sometimes you just have to see it to believe it. I will also interview and poll current and future homeowners.


I would like the turth about all of the positive things that are happening in Real Estate. I want feed back. I want to hear what people are thinking and I want to publish reports on what I learn every day in the service to my customers. I truly hope to establish a dialogue with consumers. I would also like to use this venue to offer previews to buyers seminars that will be held through out the United States over the next 6 months.

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